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Why Choose Us

RenoNerd is a locally owned and operated Saskatoon, SK business. As such we want to keep our city beautiful and warm. Let us help with your project and we guarantee a product built and installed to handle tough winters, hot summers and look great while doing it.

We provide the answers to all of your window, door and siding questions, taking the time and effort to make sure you get what you’re looking for. Our sales and service staff are polite, informed and helpful. We don’t compromise in the quality of the products we sell, or in the quality of our workmanship, and we extend those principals to the care of our customers.

Best practices for installation and care of the types of products we provide and install are outlined by the manufacturers in great detail. All too often these guidelines are not followed to the letter, due to time constraints, lack of knowledge, or being deemed unnecessary. This can lead to issues with your installation down the road including voiding your warranty. We pledge to stay up to date on the most current industry standards and make sure those standards are followed from start to finish.


10 years serving Saskatoon and area
Formerly St John Windows and Doors. We are proud to say that our reputation has grown through word of mouth. Over the years, through quality workmanship, we have established excellent and ongoing relationships with our customers as well as leaders in the manufacturing industry.


Harnessing New Technology to Provide a Better Experiance
We are more than just a window company. We use our experience to develop new tools, technologies and processes for the entire industry, and share our knowledge with partners and competitors alike to help us all improve.


From questions to satisfaction
From the time you contact us until the project is complete and beyond. We start by making sure you understand all of your options and select the product configuration that's right. Installation is completed according to the industries highest standards. Once your product is installed and a final quality inspection is complete we follow up to make sure you are completely satisfied.


Manufacturer trained
Our service technicians have been fully trained and qualified by our manufacturer to provide warranty service on all of the windows they fabricate.

Our Services

Windows, doors and siding breathe new life into your surroundings. A well finished, aesthetically pleasing exterior can completely transform one of your greatest investments. There are countless options available, which allow you to create a look and feel all your own. We promise to be patient and helpful as you consider the choices that will showcase your distinct creative genius.

The exterior is where your home meets the elements. To keep you snug and cozy inside requires a quality finish outside. Expertly installed, energy efficient windows and cladding protect your home from sun, wind, rain and cold all year round.

Window Installation
Today's energy-efficient options can breathe new life and fresh air into your property.
Door Installation
We provide well-crafted, meticulously installed entrances in a wide variety of styles and sizes.
Window Repair
Don't struggle with old, poorly functioning, or difficult to operate windows any more.
Home upgrades are expensive and we want to help. RenoNerd offers flexible and affordable financing options.