How Much Will Replacement Windows Cost?

Chances are this is the first question on your mind. Sadly, it is by far the most difficult to answer. Most resources available do not even touch on this subject. The reason for this is that it's actually a very complicated question with many variables. These are outlined further down in this article, but it all comes down to customizability. Windows are infinitely customizable. There is simply no one-size-fits-all answer. It really is up to you!
Some Factors Which Affect the Cost of Windows
  • Width and Height
    As the size of the window increases more materials are required and the engineering becomes more and more complex.
    These two factors multiply each other and accelerate the price increase at larger frames.
  • Operational Style
    More mechanics in a windows operation means more ccst for the window overall.
    A slider or hung window will generally be cheaper than a casement style.
  • Materials Used in Production
    Adding metal or fiberglass cladding will increase your cost.
    Wood or fiberglass framing will also be more expensive
  • Color
    For PVC windows, colors other than pure white can come at an additional cost.
  • Glazing Options
    Triple glazing or adding features like argon gas or UV protectant coating to your sealed units costs more.
    Features like these can pay for themselves with energy savings though.
  • Manufacturer or Product Line
    Different manufacturers use various grades of material and have differing engineering targets.
    A window manufactured in Florida likely wont meet the same insulation and toughess standards as one made in Edmonton.
  • Shipping Considerations
    While shipping is often included in the price of new doors and windows, in some cases additional shipping will increase the price.
    Ordering specialty windows from outside the country for example, will incur customs duty and brokerage charges.
  • Installation Considerations
    No two jobs are alike. Due to various degrees of difficulty, professional installation costs also vary from job to job.
    Although the goal is to make the difference in cost balance out to a consistant hourly rate for all jobs.