We only supply the products that we believe are the best, and sell a variety of them at different price points. While we work to provide solutions for every budget, we never compromise on the quality of the products we sell.
With a great product comes great responsibility however. The best windows, if installed incorrectly or sloppily can have air and water leaks, operate incorrectly, settle oddly or warp over time. There is also the possibility of voiding the manufacturer warranty if procedures are not followed properly. Our nerdlets maintain the same standard in their workmanship as we do in our products.
Our Installation Process
  • Quote
    Providing the free answers you need accurately and informatively is our main priority during the planning process. To do this we usually schedule an initial visit to take detailed measurements and discuss the available options on site. This helps to ensure that we have a full understanding of the aesthetics of your home and what you are trying to accomplish. We can also assess any obstacles or potential difficulties that may arise and prepare for them before the day of installation.
    Once the initial meeting is complete we work directly with the manufacturer to obtain an exact price for your product and send you a quote for the full price of installation. Manufacturer pricing is locked in for 30 days so if you decide to go with RenoNerd for your installation after that time there may be minor changes in the product pricing.
    The final step in the quoting process is to verify the order and obtain a shipping date from the manufacturer. When we have that we will call you to schedule your installation. Depending on the complexity of the project we may request another visit to double check our measurements and just be better prepared on installation day.
  • Installation
    We take great care and effort to leave your home in the same condition we found it in. My nerdlets will clean up after themselves every day they are there. Their job is done once your hardware is installed, insulated and beautifully finished.
    We would, of course greatly appreciate it if any large obstacles or treasured family heirlooms could be moved away from the workspace before we arrive.
    After removing your old windows, doors or siding we may encounter problems which are impossible to detect before opening your wall. From time to time we encounter structural issues such as wood rot and other water damage. If this is the case (very rare) there may be additional charges which you will be notified of before we progress.
  • Post Installation
    We will contact you after the job is complete to ensure the work completed either meets or exceeds your expectations. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have, offer any advice or help you move (that’s a falsehood, we will not help you move) at any time after your installation. Our commitment to our customers extends long after the last payment has been made.

Installation Warranty
RenoNerd provides warranty on all labor for 10 years from the date of installation; during this time parts and labour costs will be included. If we find it reasonable judgment that the attention required is covered by this warranty we will promptly make the required repairs or adjustments at our sole cost and expense.
This installation warranty is fully transferrable to the new home owner if you sell your house.
Only if we find the repairs are required due to some sort of negligence or mistreatment of the product will the warranty be void. We would then charge for any of the work, materials, or parts required to make the repair to your installation.