Warranty Information

Our service technicians have been fully trained and qualified by our manufacturer to provide warranty service on all of the windows they fabricate. We’re not just talking about warranty on our service and craftsmanship (which we also provide), but also operation adjustments, glass replacements, and other services provided through our manufacturers' warranty.
In fact, before RenoNerd, many of us worked for the manufacturer as service technicians, sales associates and in shipping. That’s where we received our training and first got our feet wet in the industry. So if you have existing All Weather Windows products that need care or adjustments, give us a call and we will provide whatever service you require.
Manufacturer warranty (Outline)
The Manufacturer warranty will provide, at the very least, the following features:
  • 20 Years
    On seal failure of the insulated glass unit
    On vinyl components
  • 10 Years
    On peeling, bubbling, cracking, flaking, or chipping of paint on metal cladding or vinyl (PVC)
  • 5 Years
    On warpage of steel and fiberglass doors
  • 2 Years
    On warpage of wood, metal clad doors
  • 1 Year
    On spontaneous glass breakage
For single family stand-alone residences, the warranty is transferable to the new homeowners when you sell your house.

Installation Warranty
RenoNerd warrants all labor for 10 years from the date of installation; during this time parts and labour costs will be included. If we find it reasonable judgment that the attention required is covered by this warranty we will promptly make the required repairs or adjustments at our sole cost and expense.
This installation warranty is fully transferrable to the new home owner if you sell your house.
Only if we find the repairs are required due to some sort of negligence or mistreatment of the product will the warranty be void, and we would then charge for any of the work, materials, or parts required to make the repair to your installation.