Window Styles

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Single and Double Hung

A double hung window is made of two independent sashes, one at the bottom and one at the top. These can slide up and down in separate channels.
A single-hung window is much like it’s double-hung cousin, except that the top sash is fixed while the bottom sash is free to move up and down.
One advantage of both single and double hung windows is that the sashes can either be tilted or removed completely to allow for easy cleaning.
The main disadvantage of these types of windows is that they may not provide as much insulation benefit as other styles can. The sliding operation of the sashes means that gaps are possible around the whole window.
These windows are ideal for traditional houses such as those with colonial and Victorian style architecture. These windows are often located one by one and their typically vertical proportions match well with taller structures

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Much like a double-hung window, with very similar advantages and disadvantages, glider varieties have a sash which slides horizontally rather than vertically.
These windows will not tilt inward for cleaning; however, the sash is usually easily removable so you still don’t need to access it from outside.
These windows are better suited to ranch or bungalow style architecture. Houses whose proportions are more horizontal benefit from the generally wider dimensions of sliding windows.

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A casement window is a single sash which is attached to the frame with hinges. The sash can then swing outward like a door does.
Most often the swinging operation is facilitated through a cranking mechanism, allowing for a very tight seal and making forced opening difficult. This cranking operation also makes it easier to operate in hard to reach areas such as over the kitchen sink.
Casement windows give a somewhat cleaner appearance when grouped together or combined with picture and fixed style windows. Providing an unbroken surface, they are right at home in more contemporary architecture.
With more complex operation than their sliding counterparts, casement windows are a more expensive option.

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Like casement windows, awnings operate on a hinge, often with the use of a cranking mechanism. The awning window has its hinges along the top of the sash so it swings upward and outward.
This upward operation can provide slightly better protection from rain when opened than you would get from a casement window.
In a contemporary setting these windows can often be found sitting above or below a large picture or fixed frame allowing ventilation in windows which are too heavy to be completely operational.

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Picture and Fixed Sash

Picture and fixed sash windows are not able to be opened. The picture variety has very little framing around the outside edges of the sash allowing for the greatest possible viewing area, while a fixed sash will have a frame around the outside allowing it to match more closely to any casement or awning windows nearby.
Because they are inoperable they have an airtight seal, making them the most energy efficient option available. The lack of operating hardware also allows for larger, heavier panes of glass. This also makes them relatively maintenance free.
While most often found in more modern homes, these types of windows have a place anywhere you want to have an unobstructed view.
On the downside they don’t offer any ventilation, and with larger panes of glass, they can be more susceptible to breakage.

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Bay and Bow

Bay and bow windows extrude outward from the side of your house. A bay window is composed of 3 sashes with the center usually larger, and the side ones set at an angle. The side sections can even be operable. Bow windows are made of 5 or more sections of equal size, set at an equal angle to form an arc.
Providing an aesthetic appeal that other types can’t match, these windows are right at home with any architectural style. they provide a great focal point for any space.
The bay provides a large sill which is often used as a shelf, or even as a bench or desk. Larger varieties provide depth to a space while letting in an abundance of light and opening up the room. Bow windows are ideally suited to curved walls.
It can be difficult to find and install window treatments because of the multitude of possible configurations and difficulty in finding a good location to install hardware. These windows are also more difficult to install correctly and therefore come with higher labor costs.

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